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FREE 3-Day Mind-Body Reset


March 15-17 @2pm ET (11am PT)

Harmonize your Hormones and Master your Metabolism so you can stop feeling frumpy and grumpy and feel like YOU again!


During this completely FREE live (online) training, you'll discover:

➡️ Why you're "doing everything right" yet nothing seems to work for you- and what to do instead!! ⬅️


🔥 How to reset your metabolism (hint: cutting out food groups and doing extreme exercise is terrible for the female bio-chemistry and switches on fat-storing hormones)

🔥 How to use your hormones to increase energy, productivity, and efficiency....


🔥 How to find food freedom and body confidence without deprivation and "motivation" 

🔥 A system to personalize your own movement, meals, and mindset: say goodbye PMS, hello energy!

⬇️ Plus you will get this amazing guide ⬇️

Food & Fitness for your Hormones screens

⚡️ How to focus your moods and mindset in the different phases of your cycle to be happier and get sh*t done without burning out!


⚡️ Simple but EFFECTIVE 20 minute workouts (with videos) that align with YOUR unique female biochemistry

⚡️  Quick and easy HORMONE friendly meals to fire up your metabolism and give you loads more energy without cutting out your favorite foods!


So you know exactly what works for YOU to achieve everlasting results🔥

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Hello there, I'm Michelle!

 #Boymom of two, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist and Health & Wellness Coach

I have a LOT of experience with failed diets, body dissatisfaction, anxiety and overwhelm. Despite my multiple fitness and nutrition certifications, these strategies work AGAINST the female biochemistry. I ended up a hormonal mess that left me feeling broken, depressed, and depleted. I figured out a much better way which is why I'm so passionate about teaching other women to boost energy, rebalance hormones and beat burnout so you can truly elevate your life.

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