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Ladies 35+! Let’s reset and focus on you in the new year. You could lose 3 - 6 lbs and get your energy and confidence back!

This free 4-day metabolic meltdown will give you a few quick wins with your fat loss so that you feel confident and motivated to continue your journey. 

FREE 4-Day Metabolic Meltdown 
 (replays available as long as you sign up)

Does this sound like YOU?

👉 You want to see change in your body, but you struggle to know what to eat/how much to eat, and in what combination to eat foods?

👉 You’re not sure if the exercise you’re doing is going to produce the results you desire?

👉 You’re confused by all of the conflicting information on the internet, diet books, and the next fad thing?

You will also get this BRAND NEW Guide!

This free 4-day challenge will help you to:

✔️Unlock Your Metabolism 

✔️ Revamp Your Nutrition and Exercise

✔️ Shed stubborn inches to feel fit & confident

✔️  Tackle Self-Sabotage Preventing Success 

✔️ Get results you can keep!


This reality is possible for you!


I can't wait to guide you on your journey with 4 days of FREE coaching and support with a group of other incredible women.

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🔥  Secrets to stoke your metabolism even when you think it has slowed

🔥Easy, family friendly recipes to boost your metabolism!

🔥 A female specific strategy customized to your unique body!


Hey! I'm Michelle 👋

 ✧ I teach women how to reset metabolism, shed stubborn inches & fit back into your clothes (without cutting out foods you love or doing extreme exercise)  ✧


I experienced first hand how extreme diets and too much exercise can ruin your health both physically and mentally: my hormones were such a wreck I almost couldn't have kids.


It felt like I was on a dieting hamster wheel: either dieting hard or feeling guilty for eating "bad" foods, and working out like a crazy person - spinning & spinning, never closer to my goal....and certainly not enjoying my life.


Luckily, there is better way and you're gonna learn a LOT during these 4 days together!

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