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5 Days to Master Your Metabolism, Movement & Mindset in 2021 without dieting 



Jan 18-22 @2pm ET (11am PT)


This FREE 5-Day"Re-Boot" Camp will help you STOP feeling frumpy and grumpy and START

feeling fit and fresh.

 During this live (online) training, you'll discover:

➤ Why most programs do everything backwards

➤ How jumping on and off food/exercise bandwagons is damaging your health 

➤ How to sync hormones to optimize metabolism, movement, meals, and mindset (goodbye PMS, hello energy)

➤ The RIGHT way to nourish yourself – not only with food but other areas of  life

➤ The mindset shifts needed to get fit and healthy - without misery and obsession - and go from Desperate Dieter to Wellness CEO....for good.

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Plus you'll get:

  • Simple but EFFECTIVE 20 minute workouts (with videos) that align with YOUR unique female biochemistry

  • Quick and easy family friendly meals that again will work WITH your hormones to fire up your metabolism and give you loads more energy without cutting out your favorite foods!

Hello there, I'm Michelle!

 #Boymom of two, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist and Health & Wellness Coach

I have a LOT of experience with failed diets, body dissatisfaction, anxiety and overwhelm. Despite my multiple fitness and nutrition certifications, these strategies work AGAINST the female biochemistry. I ended up a hormonal mess that left me feeling broken, depressed, and depleted. I figured out a much better way which is now my signature 16 week Momentum Method which teaches you how to boost energy, rebalance hormones and beat burnout so you can truly elevate your life.

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