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We're opening up FREE Breakthrough Sessions! 

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We’ve NEVER done this before but we've noticed that many women are stuck and struggling; we HATE it! We’ve been there, and we know that we can help.


If you’re feeling a stress mess - wacky hormones, overwhelm, low self-esteem, not fitting in your clothes and/or just feeling MEH - then don't wait, book this free call NOW. ⬇️

Find your healthy and happy in the shortest and most efficient way possible -without misery and suffering!

By the end of this ONE hour free session, you’ll:

Know exactly what you need to do to beat burnout, rebalance your hormones and reclaim the happiest you

Understand what's holding you back and how to get unstuck

Have confidence that you CAN achieve anything you set your mind to, with ZERO fear of failing

Find food and body freedom – FOR GOOD.  

$200 value-


You CAN achieve that elusive 'balance' in your life:  taking care of yourself so you're healthy and happy from the inside out - without counting a single calorie, doing extreme exercise or obsessing about food and your body!

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Michelle & Denna:

Personal Trainers and Health & Wellness Coaches, Founders of Wellness Elevate.

We have a LOT of experience with failed diets, body dissatisfaction, anxiety and overwhelm.

Our signature 3-Step Momentum Method breaks the vicious cycle of extreme dieting and exercise.

This Method is how Denna lost over 50 lbs, and Michelle was able to finally have children after years of failed pregnancies and metabolic and hormonal havoc. 

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