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Helping fed-up, frustrated women feel fit & sexy, beat burnout, boost energy & balance  hormones 

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Hey there!


We have a question for you:


How much blood, sweat, tears, energy, and MONEY have you invested into trying to get fit, healthy so you can feel sexy and confident and have ENERGY for your family?


A lot, right?

And if you’re like many the clients we talk to every day, it feels like all the effort you’ve put in isn’t paying off.


You feel stuck.       


        You feel frustrated.


You feel freaking FED-UP!    


It feels like you’ve tried everything and you don’t know why things just aren’t

WORKING for you.


And since you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, you can’t figure out how to

turn it all around.


You wonder if there is some “secret” for building health that you haven’t been told about.


You’ve tried so many things already…


The harder you struggle, the more defeated you feel.


It’s paralyzing.


We understand you, because we are you.

If this describes you...

Don't Delay!


Image by Joanna Kosinska
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Who Are We?

Michelle & Denna: Personal Trainers and Health & Wellness Coaches, Founders of Wellness Elevate.

We have a LOT of experience with failed diets; confusion, overwhelm and frustration with weight yo-yoing.

Does this sound familiar?

Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes and body is causing stress and tension daily leading to:

  • Waking up feeling in a bad mood every day, and often being close to tears when you look in the mirror or try on clothes that used to fit

  • Snapping or yelling at your kids, not being the mother you want to be because you feel like such a disappointment in yourself

  • Feeling guilty for not modelling good self-care and self-love habits for your children, because you do NOT want them growing up disliking themselves the way that you do

  • Regret that you are missing out on relaxing and having fun with your kids and time is slipping away

  • Lack of real intimacy with your partner, because you don’t feel sexy or attractive anymore (plus you are too dang tired anyway)

  • Feeling like you have lost yourself since becoming a mother: you can't remember what activities you ever “like” anymore...

Image by Joanna Kosinska
Michelle Only.jpg

But you’re "fine" – right?


You’re doing better than some other friends – so that's ok, right?

No, no, NO…. it doesn't have to be that way.

You are rationalizing and minimizing the difficulty and pain of life, "It's just this season of life with young children, right?"

Can you relate?

That was the moment we Discovered the ‘Secrets' were Hiding in Plain Sight


We spent SO much time focusing on the wrong things…

In order to beat burnout, boost energy and balance hormones to ELEVATE our life – for good…we realized that we needed 3 things.

In order to do this, you will need 3 things:

First: A Brain Built Body


You need the tools to work not only with your body but also with your brain.


Thinking that you need more willpower, motivation or a “perfect plan” is keeping you stuck because all of those things work against your brain, which will lead to self-sabotage, “stinkin’ thinkin” and lack of results. 


Managing the mind and learning to believe to achieve will train the brain to get results instead of spinning in confusion and frustration, wondering why things don’t work.

Second: WE Everlasting Approach that incorporates “some or anything


People think they have a weight loss problem but actually they have a weight maintenance problem because trying to change ALL the things, leads to maintaining NONE of the things that will keep the weight off. 


With the WE Everlasting Approach you will understand what you need to do 365 days a year to stay off the diet and extreme exercise rollercoaster: permanently.


If your approach is “temporary”, your weight loss will also be temporary. 


If you can start with the end in mind, and do “some, or anything” you WILL have unstoppable momentum to reach your goals.

Third: Become Your Own Detective


Re-learning how to honor your inbuilt hunger and satiety cues will allow you to eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full.


It is a simple concept distorted by dieting. Being your own detective encompasses ‘bio-individuality’ so you can tune into what nourishes and satisfies YOU; not someone’s meal plan or food ‘rules’ (we say one person’s food can be another person’s poison).



Becoming Your Own Detective also stops the I’ll-have-what she’s-having syndrome…We often think “if I could just eat how she does, I will have her body.” Let’s cut this out!


Eating like Jessica Biel is not going to give your Jessica Biel’s body: this is freeing because you can just be YOU, and make peace with that. 

I don't need to hear anything more...

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Over the course of our program, you will to learn how to eat for YOU to feel better, look better, have more energy, AND lose weight – for the LONG-TERM.

If you want something in your life you’ve never had before, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done.”

~Thomas Jefferson~




Weight loss is not as complicated as we have been lead to believe. Here’s the thing: the diet industry wants to keep you confused so that you keep on buying more diets and meal plans instead of learning how to actually do this yourself.


Our goal is that you never need us again!

Can you imagine never having to buy another diet or meal plan ever again?

Never wondering what you should or shouldn’t be eating?

Feeling confident knowing exactly how to eat to reach your goals and it’s food you actually like eating?

What about feeling comfortable in your body?

You’re NOT broken, and you deserve so much more than punishing yourself into weight loss. 

But you’re still wondering...yeah, but...will it work for ME?

There are three types of women who thrive the most in our program:

1. You really want to give up dieting and all the extreme exercise...but you are at a loss of what to do. It feels completely hopeless.

2.  Food is all your think about. You believe you are “addicted”  to food (we know the feeling) because you can’t be left alone with your favorite foods without binging on them. As desperate as you are to be healthy and “feel normal” around food, you just cannot stop. You feel especially guilty because you do want to lose weight, but on the other end of the spectrum you have heard from others who say that weight loss is vain and you shouldn’t want it.

3. You’re a Mom who wants to break the vicious cycle of dieting and body hatred for your kids. You want raise healthy, happy, NON dieters who are empowered to live a fulfilled life.


If you fall in to any (or all!) of the three categories, we can HELP YOU!

You can do this - Yes even YOU.

✔️Even if you’ve tried all the diets and haven’t had success

✔️Even if you’ve never been able to stick to a program before

✔️Even if you a medical condition or allergies (we both did)

✔️ Even if you hate cooking and hate working out

Client Testimonial

When I started working with you, I was overweight and needed help losing weight, diet, and exercise. I trusted you to help me after various levels of weight loss and fitness.

I was fearful that the program wouldn’t work but I decided to commit despite it all because I trusted you.

Now I understand how to eat and what I need to do to maintain my weight. This has completely changed my life because I have a better relationship with food and my body.

I now can enjoy burritos (my favorite!) without guilt.

I have never stuck with anything this and I have better sleep, better moods and better confidence.

You explain what’s going on and the reasoning behind what you are doing. You tell the truth.  

I can go to you when I need motivation.  You are a rock!

- Anonymous

Image by Joanna Kosinska

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What Happens in The Breakthrough Session?

During this 60 min phone call, I’ll walk you through a proven process to:

  • Uncover what’s keeping you stuckslowing you down, or stopping you from having the body & health you want, so that you can achieve the results you desire. 

  • Develop a powerful vision for your Total Transformation, and what it will mean for your health and for your life.

  • Discuss a Personalized System surrounding mindset strategies, food, and movement. 

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Health coaching achieves “habit change” (adoption of health-enhancing practices) via coaching and does not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. Always consult your doctor. Your health coach is happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your well-being.

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