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Hey busy women! Wanna learn how to enjoy the  festive season
without GUILT or packing on the pounds!

(without packing on the pounds or feeling guilty around food!) (1).png

3 Secrets to a 

Fit & Festive Holiday Season 

Nov 8th at 10:30am EST (replay available!)

This is for you if you're:

~ Fed up with dieting over the holidays, only to end up heavier: feeling frumpy & grumpy

~ Sick of choosing between enjoying yourself & results (hint: you can have both & feel fab!)

~ Done with hiding in stretchy pants & avoiding photos - instead you can feel fit and festive!

This is a FREE virtual Fit 'n Festive Masterclass!

➡️ There will be a replay if you can't make live, however you must register & you'll get a BONUS Holiday Cheatsheet.


Here's what we cover:

The exact steps of how to personalize your movement, meals, and mindset during the holidays so that you can end 2023 feeling good

How to reset your metabolism during the holidays so you can stop avoiding photos and only wearing stretchy pants because you feel so bloated


Why cutting out food groups and doing extreme exercise during the holidays often backfires and you end up heavier than before 

⬇️ Your free gift for joining  ⬇️

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 22.50.01.png

My 3- Step F-A-B process: instead of flab you feel FAB

⚡️ Strategies to set you up for success so you can really be present to enjoy the holiday experience

⚡️ Specific hacks so you can enjoy ALL the foods you want, without guilt or feeling fluffy & bloated

⚡️ Nutrition suggestions to help restore metabolism without cutting out all your favorite foods!


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About Michelle

#Boymom of two, Health & Wellness Coach for women focusing on Metabolism & Hormones

I have a LOT of experience with failed diets, body dissatisfaction, anxiety and overwhelm.


Despite my multiple fitness and nutrition certifications, these strategies work AGAINST the female biochemistry.


I ended up a hormonal mess that left me feeling broken, depressed, and depleted.


I figured out a much better way which is why I'm so passionate about teaching other women to boost energy, rebalance hormones and beat burnout so you can truly elevate your life. 

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