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 Reset Your Hormones, Have More Energy, Feel Amazing in Your Body and Mind! 

 Food & Fitness for Your Hormones will transform your relationship to food, fitness, and your body, so you can feel like YOU again!

Food & Fitness for your Hormones screens

⚡️ No more weighing and measuring all your foods and obsessing about what you eat


⚡️Find food and body freedom and confidence!


⚡️ Say BYE BYE crazy exercise routines that leave you exhausted and depleted


This FREE guide will show you exactly how to re-balance your hormones and reset your metabolism so you know exactly what works for YOU to achieve everlasting results🔥🔥

  ⬇️ Click below to get the guide  ⬇️


Did you know that the optimal strategies for health and wellness for women is completely different than it is for men? 🤯


👀 In fact, those strategies might have hurt your hormones more than helped. This is exactly why you might be "doing everything right" yet nothing seems to work for you.

It's NOT your fault, you've just been given a system that doesn't work for women and makes you lack energy, productivity, efficiency, and switches on fat-storing hormones. 😩👎

But don't worry, I've gotcha covered! Being a woman gives us unique superpowers 💥

It is my purpose to show women how to harness the power of their hormones by syncing food, fitness and mindset to their unique female biochemistry. 🌟

Food & Fitness for your Hormones screens

Michelle Stiff: #Boymom of two, Fitness Specialist (including Pre/Postnatal) and Health & Wellness Coach


I have made ALL the mistakes (that the nutrition and fitness industry actually promote!) that resulted in a hormonal mess.


At the time I didn’t really care about how it affected my fertility – but by the time we decided we did want kids, it wasn’t possible because I had no period. I was an emotional wreck.


I spent thousands of dollars going to all sorts of specialists and NO-ONE could help me, until I started experimenting on myself. Through lots of research, trial and error, I healed my hormones. Then I had 3 miscarriages which gave me the opportunity to really dial in my method and had two successful pregnancies 💓

I love brain-based science and I cannot wait for you to get started so you NEVER have to go through the pain and heartache I went through, so you find true wellness and elevate your life!

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