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I empower women to:

🔥 Shed stubborn inches by eating MORE food instead of dieting

🔥 Stop doing crazy exercise & cutting out your favorite foods

🔥  Sync meals, movement & mindset w/ hormones to restore metabolism

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Lastly, I have a ton of other free resources! You can email me at 

Resources to Help You Build A Healthier You!

Hey! I'm Michelle 👋​ 


I'm a wife & mum of 2 boys, an online fitness coach, business owner & lover of all things chocolate!

I'm an American born & raised in Africa for most of my life. I've been in the fitness industry for 20 years and my husband and I owned a successful fitness studio in Malawi (small country in Southern Africa) for 10 years.

Please feel free to DM me on social media or email me at

This page is where you can find ways to connect with me to help you!

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