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Women over 35 have a unique problem when it comes to keeping fat off. Well guess what? I’ve got the answer!


Join this different kind of Facebook group!

Look, I was on the yo -yo weight rollercoaster for decades, gaining and losing the same weight over and over and never achieving my goals. It was INFURIATING.

The thing is that the optimal strategies for health and fitness for the female body are completely different than for men!


It can feel like we are "doing everything right" yet nothing seems to work, and it is the most frustrating situation!


A lot of the mainstream fitness and diet advice actually wreaks havoc on the female metabolism and hormones.


This is why I created a completely different, new kind of Facebook group that focuses on a female specific approach.


I've helped hundreds of busy women shed body fat as they balance hormones and metabolism while eating MORE food, and without all the crazy cardio! 


Hope to see you on the inside!

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