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Struggling to Eat Healthy Meals All Week? Join my:

The 5-Day Meal Planning Challenge is a 100% online program so you can join us from ANYWHERE in the world.

You’ll discover planning and preparing for healthy eating doesn’t need to be time-consuming or overwhelming… it can be simple, quick, and even a bit fun! 


✔️Daily tips and resources to help you become a menu planning ninja!

✔️ A step-by-step process for taking inventory of what’s in your fridge, freezer and pantry

✔️ Discover a meal planning success strategy  that is customized for your unique preferences and lifestyle

✔️Grocery shopping strategies so you can SAVE $$! (and time)

✔️Meal prep time-saving tips: batching, prepping ahead, and getting other people to help in the kitchen

✔️Daily coaching support in my private Facebook community to help you succeed and overcome any challenges 

Hey! I'm Michelle 👋

✧ I help women find & keep their happy “wellness weight” and supercharge their mindset, movement & metabolism and make peace with food ✧


I experienced first hand how extreme diets and too much exercise can ruining your health. I was constantly dieting, spinning my wheels and never closer to my goal. Luckily, there is better way and I want to share it with you!

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