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Find Your "Wellness Weight" and
Increase Your Metabolism

(without cutting out  foods you love )

✔️ Ditch the diet rollercoaster 

✔️ Feel fit and confident in your body

✔️ Create a custom metabolic plan 


And best of all...

✔️Keep your "wellness weight" (for good) and never have to go on another miserable diet again


If you've tried other nutrition & fitness plans and got results that didn't last (or maybe didn't get any results): it's not your fault. 


❌ You were set you up to fail because those diets actually SLOW down your metabolism and then cause you to rebound, gaining MORE fat over time!


✔️ You need a nutrition & fitness plan that is custom to you that is effective and enjoyable so you can actually stick with it and maintain your results!


❌ Otherwise you’ll waste time and money trying program after program and carry on believing the lie that you're not smart enough, motivated enough, strong enough… 


Enough is enough already! 


✔️ Let's break the yo-yo cycle by restoring metabolism and rebalancing your hormones so you can find your wellness weight with a proper strategy, system and support....

Introducing The Momentum Method...


This isn’t another “weight loss program” like all the others you may have tried.


It’s a complete transformational process to help you go from:

Frustrated and Desperate DIETER... 👉

     Calm and Confident WELLNESS CEO 


Having the pendulum swing between over-eating and under-eating is terrible for your metabolism, but that is what happens with traditional diets. 


As you learn what your unique body needs, and how to fuel yourself, you will increase your metabolism back up and rebalance your female hormones. As cliche as this sounds, it really is possible to do this while enjoying ALL foods.


 How do you know if you have some of the Desperate Dieter traits? 👀

- Being strict during week with “good foods” and then "eff" it mode eating all “bad foods”

- Believing you need restriction and misery (a.k.a willpower and motivation) for results 

Thinking you just need to keep trying another diet because you haven’t found "the one"

- Beating yourself up when you keep “cheating”

- Avoiding photos and dreading looking in the mirror

- Feeling like a failure, wondering if you’re broken and a LOT of food & body shame


All of the traits are the direct result of diet culture.... it's not your fault!

Repeat after me: IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! You did the best with what you knew at the time but it was a fault strategy that could never work. Most of those strategies are based on what works for MEN, and you need something that is custom to the female body.

The Momentum Method gives you a much more effective, enjoyable and sustainable way of finding (and keeping) your wellness weight as you increase your metabolism.

Here's how you become a WELLNESS CEO:


"C" = COMMITMENT to playing the long game with a custom plan. You can try to do it “quickly” (and redo it over and over, leading to nowhere but frustration), or you can spend the time to do it you never go back.

"E" = EXPERT on your preferences, psychology & physiology so that you never yo-yo again, because you’ve created life-long habits that suit YOUR lifestyle and your goals, enabling you to keep results 365 days a year!

"O" = OPTIMIZE your hormones as you become your own detective on your biofeedback (sleep, mood, hunger, energy and cravings) and what nourishes you on a deep inner level that isn't food– joy, movement, spirituality, creativity and so on

When you kick the Desperate Dieter to the curb and become a WELLNESS CEO, reaching your goals feels easy, and dare I say...even fun!  

✔️ You make your OWN rules, instead of following someone else’s so you can find and KEEP your "wellness weight" - for good

✔️ You understand the composition of food (a.k.a macronutrients) so you can speed up your metabolism and stop labelling foods as “good” or “bad” 

✔️ You don’t try to fit yourself into a diet box, but rather have flexibility with a customizable plan for you​

✔️ Instead of living (and dying!) by the scale, you understand your wellness weight is a range…AND your weight is merely one data point


✔️Learn how to leverage your female  your superpower because women aren't small men, and when we align with your hormones, magical things happen!

​✔️Instead of avoiding all “fattening” foods, you fit in all your favorite “fun” foods ...guilt-free - because you understand your unique metabolism

What really sets The Momentum Method apart isn't just that you will finally understand how to fuel your metabolism, it's the transformational coaching: knowledge isn’t power until you apply it. You get not only 1:1 coaching but also the support of small, personalized group.


You'll have a step-by-step system and support to navigate any hurdles that might come up. This isn't just me saying "great job!" - this is about pushing you to challenge your limiting beliefs, grow your mindset and overcome obstacles as you gain confidence to learn how to coach yourself so this is the last program you ever need.

The support of myself and others in the community is also to get your through the highs and lows of your journey — those moments when you’re ready to give up. Those are part of the journey, and that’s when you need the tools to push through, so you can see transformational results.  

Ready to Make this YOUR Reality With The Momentum Method? It really is possible for you!

But who am I?


Hi, I'm Michelle: #Boymomof2, 

Founder of Wellness Elevate

Personal Trainer, IIN Certified Health Coach, PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach, Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist,

Yoga/Pilates Instructor, Massage Therapist

I have a LOT of experience with failed diets, body dissatisfaction, anxiety and overwhelm as I believed I was doing all the right things. In reality my "healthy eating and exercise plan" was actually working against my metabolism. I ended up a hormonal hot mess and almost couldn't have kids. 


Luckily I figured out a better way (when no doctor could!) and my goal is to save you the time, money and LIFE I wasted...which is why I createdThe Momentum Method. It will walk you through exactly how to create a life and body you LOVE!


The Momentum Method will be the LAST program you ever need you will have all the tools and access to my custom WE app to:

⚡️ Track your results, healthy habits & have quick access to me!

⚡️Plan simple, healthy meals while saving a ton of money 

⚡️Free up extra hours in the week for personal time, family time, etc

⚡️Metabolism boosting 30-minute workouts

Momentum Method deliverable.png

Each week of The Momentum Method contains different lessons but here's a brief monthly overview: 


Month 1: “C” for Commitment 

  • How to set supercharged goals and a "BIG WHY” for transformation

  • How to ditch the "Dieter" traits to set you up as CEO to restore metabolism

  • Your Custom Macro Guide and how to track macros (protein, carbs and fats)

  • Secrets to organizing your kitchen & meal building while including “fun foods” 

  • Building momentum in just 20 minutes a day 

Month 2: “E” for Expert

  • Exactly when and how to tweak your macros depending on results

  • AIM protocol and weekly self-audit to ensure your metabolism doesn't slow

  • 4 Types of eating, and trigger v. buffer foods to stop the binge/restrict cycle 

  • How to uncover your personal blind spots 

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs & obstacles

Month 3: “0” for Optimize

  • Optimizing you females hormones a.k.a. your "superpower" 

  • Strategies to balance sleep, hunger, mood, energy and cravings 

  • Finding your “Goldilocks” stress level (not too much, not too little) 

  • Stacking new healthy habits to maximize your time and efficiency

Month 4: Putting it all together for life-long results

  • The simple 'secret' to long term success (it's not what you think!)

  • Adding MORE food without gaining fat = better metabolism (yes, please!)

  • How to fit everything into your busy life so you can have MORE time

  • Starting your day momentum and ending it with ease

  • The tools for you to become own coach so you won’t quit on yourself again

Sign up now and get these  BONUSES:

Fitness copy.png

Clear Clutter, Get Fitter: we all know that setting up your environment for success is crucial, and clutter will lead to us hanging onto weight! This includes a comprehensive guide room by room along with a video walking you through simple tips and tricks in my own home!


 High Protein Macro-Recipe Pack: healthy, easy to prepare recipes that include a My Fitness Pal barcode so you have all the macros!

After 16 weeks, you’ll have transformed your relationship to food , your body  and the scale.You’ll know how to hit your fitness goals, and exactly what to do at any point on your journey to continue to see success.


The Momentum Method isn't just cheap once-a-week check-in with a "coach" who looks at your progress photos and tweaks some macro numbers for you.

It's an investment not only in the NOW but the FUTURE: one that will pay dividends for the rest of your life as you transform into the confident, fit woman you deserve to be.


It’s freedom from the desperate dieter prison with that inner mean girl who keeps beating you up, convincing you that you’re the the most empowered BOSS version of you.

Here's what you get in the The Momentum Method :

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To get started today with The Momentum Method , all you have to do is pay an initial payment of $397 and then it's $149/week!



Also, there is a 60-day Money Back Guarantee: this isn't to give you an "out" but rather to reassure you that if you can commit to following this program the way it is laid out, there is no way to fail! I'll be with you every step of the way to ensure success.

Here Are Some of Success Stories in The Momentum Method:

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  • What is the difference between this Nutrition & Fitness Jumpstart and other meal plan or recipe groups?
    As a mom of two, personal trainer and nutrition coach, this program is designed to help busy women find a practical way to prioritize their wellness. I have been in the fitness industry for 18 years and know what works for a healthy metabolism 🔥
  • What does this include?
    Done for you meal plans Recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) Portions for you and your family Access to a private Facebook community with supportive women to help keep you accountable Progress pictures to track your results Fat burning 30 minute workouts (at home or in the gym) Weekly accountability We take out all the guesswork! You simply follow along. During the entire process, I will teach you the "why" so you can sustain the results long term. You'll have more energy and see results! You will have access to my custom WE App for the 21 Days of the Jumpstart but then access will be stopped, however the resources are YOURS to keep for life!
  • What happens after I sign up?
    You'll receive a "welcome" email directly to your inbox confirming your purchase and starting information. The weekend before the Jumpstart begins, you will get access to my custom Wellness Elevate app so you can start to track your progress, measurements and habits. You’ll also receive the “Getting Started” manual, recipe guide, and grocery list so you're all ready to GO!
  • I travel a ton, can I still do this Jumpstart?
    You absolutely can! The key here is planning ahead and bringing your snacks. Make sure to still eat every 3-4 or so hours with a protein/veggie or fruit and at restaurants make the smartest choice and stick to foods that resemble your plan and in the same visually estimated portions. Example: grilled chicken, baked sweet potato (without all the toppings), green veggie.
  • Can I have sweet treats and alcohol?
    I absolutely want you to feel this is a lifestyle you can sustain but the goal is to jumpstart your metabolism with the most nutritious foods! So for the first 2 weeks, I suggest trying your best to stick to whole, unprocessed foods recognizable from nature and limit toxins (including alcohol which is a major toxin) to maximize results but then of course you can enjoy all foods in moderation.
  • What if I don’t like the food in the recipes?
    You are not required to eat any food, although I encourage you to try new things. Most women find they love the recipes in this jumpstart! What IS important however is to consume the right macronutrients (which I will teach you about). You are given substitution options you may use for any meal. Breakfast, snacks and meals all have a variety of options and new meal recipes added weekly.
  • Will the recipes be enough for my family as well?
    Yes! As with anything, there’s a slight learning curve to adjust portions to your family! I personally like my family to eat the same thing I eat, so you may want to double the recipes. I say “cook once, eat twice.” Feel free to freeze leftovers for convenience!
  • I hate meal planning, do you have any suggestions?
    You don’t have to batch cook for 5 hours, butI highly suggest prepping some of your foods for the week so you’re not scrambling. Meal prep can look different to different people - for instance you could plan all of your snacks ahead then cook each evening and use those leftovers for lunch the next day. Another option is to meal prep 1-2 recipes then still cook a few times during the week. Just always make sure you have prepared what you need for the following day.
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