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Who am I? Michelle Stiff 👉


~ Certified Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor

~ Certified Precision Nutrition Coach & Health Coach with IIN

~ Licensed Massage Therapist

~ Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist

~ Yoga/Pilates

~ Female Hormones & Metabolism Coach

My Mission....

Most diet and fitness programs are based on research that is done on young MEN.


I'm so saddened and MADDENED that women are so under represented and expected to do things the way men do things.


The truth is that and men and women have very different physiology, pyschology and hormones and it gives us a female advantage a.k.a. superpower.


The key to getting unstuck and cultivating true change begins with aligning your mindset, movement and meals with a FEMALE specific protocol that is custom to YOU. 

My Story...

For the majority of my life, the relationship towards my body and food was one of struggle and self-loathing.


Starting from my tween years until my 30th birthday, I did the gamut of diets.


Pursuing health and fitness as a profession stemmed from the belief that more knowledge would help me find “the thing” that would somehow solve all my life problems...and make me thin, and therefore “happy.”


I was never small enough, pretty enough, smart enough, good enough…. The allure of the latest and “greatest” diet would always suck me in.


When it failed (as it always did), I would wonder:


Why can’t I do this…Why am I such a failure?


The scale and whether or not my “skinny” clothes fit, would dictate my day. If they didn’t fit, I would end up a sobbing mess; avoiding social situations because I felt too ugly. I would stay home and research another thing.


Many women have told me that they feel the exact same way.


My breaking point came when husband Brian and I wanted to try to have a baby, but my hormones were a mess. I spent thousands of dollars going to endocrinologists, naturopaths, allergy dieticians to try to find out what was “wrong” with me.


Nothing worked.


Until one day, something clicked.


Stress had made me a mess. Under-eating and over-exercising all are stressors on the body, plus I wasn’t managing my mind.


I made the decision that I had to change my ways and started eating more and moving my body in gentler ways.


Instead of focusing on my “broken- ness”, I started to train my brain: seeing myself as a whole person. I healed my hormones naturally when no doctor could and got pregnant immediately.


Then I had 3 miscarriages in a row.


Once again, my feelings of inadequacy began to re-surface.


I went back to what worked before – working on my limiting beliefs and managing my mind to believe that I didn’t need to be thin, or to have kids, to be a person of value. I realised that my actions were having an influence on my young niece, who was only 3 at the time. She was picking up on my disordered relationship to my body and food. 




Once I started working with my hormones by changing my movement and meals, I beat the odds through two high-risk pregnancies and now am the proud mother of two beautiful boys.


I’ve never felt more secure and confident in my body. I enjoy food without restriction or guilt. My workouts are short and honor my body: sometimes that means doing weights, sometimes yoga or Pilates, often with the kids climbing on top of me.


Not obsessing about food and exercise not only has given me the gift of more time, energy, and mental space to focus on other things that are important in my life – like my family, friends and hobbies.


My purpose is to help people stop playing it small and seize challenges as growth opportunities to empower and elevate their lives.

It is possible for you!

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