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We're doubling your referral gift by inspiring other women to thrive 

 $400 Thank You Gift

Share your Journey. Refer a Friend in looking to improve their wellness. Right now we have a double incentive: earn $400 per person (you can split with her) if they join before April 15 2024.


So many women are stuck and struggling; we know that we can help.


Whether it be wacky hormones, overwhelm, low self-esteem, not fitting in clothes and/or just feeling MEH - you can inspire another woman to change her life! 

Join our mission to help other women get healthy and happy in the shortest and most efficient way possible  so they can KEEP IT OFF and feel good in their skin!

Not sure what to say?

Here's a Simple Script when connecting us:


Hey [Friend's Name], I want to introduce you to my coach, Michelle Stiff. Since joining her program, the Metabolic Momentum Method in [insert month], I've seen incredible changes in both my body, metabolism mindset. I've gained so much more than just fitness - confidence, energy, and a supportive community! [Feel free to share a personal success story here]


Michelle, [Friend's Name] is a dear friend of mine and I believe she/they] could greatly benefit from the MMM. I'll let you two take it from here, but I'm here if you need any assistance. 👍

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💰Getting Your Reward!👇


Message me for details on getting your reward!

Join our mission to help other women get healthy by empowering your friends with a system that works!

Know exactly what you need to do to beat burnout, rebalance your hormones and reclaim the happiest you

Have confidence that you CAN achieve anything you set your mind to, with ZERO fear of failing

Understand what's holding you back and how to get unstuck

Find food and body freedom as you reset your metabolism – FOR GOOD.  

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