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Mind-Body Wellness Workshop Replay

UGH OH! This replay is over.  

There are links below to schedule a call with all of us under each section.

Who are we Daphne, Melissa & Michelle?

Daphne Boothe: Shaklee Wellness Ambassador​


My passion is to help women thrive and chase their dreams. In an age when most women operate everyday in survival mode, I share tips on how to build everyday wellness through simplicity, self care, and safe products. 


Several years ago I was suffering from debilitating headaches that were affecting all aspects of my life. At the time I hadn’t made the connection that the very cleaning products that I was using to “clean” my home were actually adding more toxins to my life. This launched me into a journey of label reading and education.

Today, I help busy women navigate how to eliminate toxins from their everyday lives and make smart decisions on wellness products to support their journeys…and it’s all customized to to YOU! ​I am so excited to help you THRIVE!​

Melissa & Fam.jpeg

Melissa Goodman: Mary Kay Beauty & Skin Care Consultant


As a SAHM to 2 boys, I know how easy it is to put yourself last.


I'm passionate about helping women look and feel beautiful with proper skin care and beauty products that can be mixed and matched for a customized regimen based on your skin specific skin type and needs! 🌸


In terms of my health & fitness journey, I used to believe that my metabolism was broken and nothing would work for me, and then would go into that all or nothing thinking ...and never get results!

Since joining  Michelle's signature coaching program (click>>) The Metabolic Momentum Method, I've has lost over 22lbs but more importantly, I've found food and body freedom and I'm 100% confident that I can reach my goals! 🙌

Michelle Stiff: Women's Health & Fitness Coach​

I help women reset their metabolism so they can shed stubborn inches & fit back into their clothes without giving up 🍷 or 🍫...and KEEP it off with my program, The Metabolic Momentum Method.


As a personal trainer, I experienced first hand how extreme diets and too much exercise can ruin your health. I almost couldn't have kids since my hormones & metabolism were such a mess - gaining and losing the same weight over and over.


I decided to further my education in nutrition to support female hormones & metabolism, and was able heal my body: I now have two beautiful boys 💖


I designed The Metabolic Momentum Method   to be the program I wish I had, so you don't have to repeat my mistakes and you can get results you keep AND enjoy your life!


Metabolic Momentum Method

Success Stories

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