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Wellness Elevate:

Resources to Help You Build A Healthier You!


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🔥 Shed stubborn inches by eating MORE food instead of dieting

🔥 Stop doing crazy exercise & cutting out your favorite foods

🔥  Sync meals, movement & mindset w/ hormones to restore metabolism

Hey! I'm Michelle 👋​ 


I'm a wife & mum of 2 boys, an online fitness coach, business owner & lover of all things chocolate!

I'm an American born & raised in Africa for most of my life. 


As a Women’s Health, Fitness & Metabolism Coach, I love teaching women how to reset their metabolism, shed stubborn inches, and regain confidence using a hormone-synced flexible macro approach.

My journey from struggling with the yo-yo diet cycle that affected my fertility and after suffering multiple miscarriages, I had to find a better way!


Using a mind-body holistic approach, I was able to rebalance hormones & now have 2 healthy boys. 

The Wellness Elevate team includes Transformational Nutrition Coaches and a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner who utilizes functional blood tests to identify each client's unique needs.


Whether you're battling fat loss, managing hormones, energy, or simply seeking better health & fitness, the WE team will tailor a customized plan that truly works for YOU.

This page is where you can find ways to connect with me!

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